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I have had the pleasure of using the Nue Medical Solutions B2 Liner Drape for all of my shoulder arthroscopy and surgeries that need lateral positioning with the use of a bean bag over the last 6 months.

Previously, this would be a nuisance as I would have to hold the bean bag with my assistant, and then put a blanket on and secure the beanbag with tape. This was inefficient and unreliable. With the use of their disposable drape, it has built in straps which removes the need for tape. It’s extremely user-friendly, secures the patients, keeps the bean bag clean, and they have multiple sizes for different patients. It also avoids the risk of putting tape directly on the bean bag and ruining the outer layer (which I have seen before).

This is a game changer for me and has made my lateral positioning a much more pleasant and smooth experience.

Aakash Chauhan, MD, MBA

Orthopaedic Surgeon, DuPage Medical Group

I am the RN Manager of a multi-specialty Surgery Center.  We have been using the B2 Bean Bag Drape for over a year, primarily on our podiatry cases.  It is so easy to use.  Just slip the bean bag inside the drape and loop the straps through the rails of the OR bed and place the included draw sheet. 

We have used it on patients in a wide variety of sizes and no matter what size the patient is, the 3 straps secure the patient well. 

The physicians like it because they know their patients are safe and secure.  As the manager, I like it because our equipment is staying intact.  There is no need to apply tape to secure the patient anymore eliminating the nasty tape residue on the bean bag. 

I highly recommend the B2 Bean Bag Drape.

Jennifer Filos, RN

RN Manager, Elmhurst Outpatient Surgery Center

The Universal Bean Bag Drape is exactly what is needed whenever the use of a surgical bean bag is required. It fits perfectly and it has openings at the correct spaces. The greatest feature is the built in safety straps! The straps secure the patient to the bean bag AND the O.R. bed, simultaneously. Thus, keeping the patient safe on the bed and, at the same time, preventing the bean bag from slipping out of place.

Pure Genius!! 

Valencia N. Hill RN, BSN

Operating Room Nurse

I am a pathologist from Chino, California with over 34 years of experience and I have numerous affiliations with hospitals in the California area. As a pathologist, I know bacteria and infection can come from many different locations, hosts or animate or inanimate objects. One of the hosts is the adhesive tape residue on Reusable Patient Positioners.
Adhesive tape is in high use in hospital settings. It is used to secure intravenous lines, holding dressing in place and in surgery, securing both equipment and patients “in position”. A specific example is the Patient Positioners used in the operating room for lateral position surgical cases, such as Lateral Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeries. The reusable patient positioner is placed on the operating bed and a draw sheet is placed on top of the positioner (as a modest barrier and to also lift and turn the patient to their side). After these steps are taken, 2 or 3-inch silk tape is used to secure the patient in place for the procedure. This positioning and securing method are currently the common practice used in the surgical settings today. Over time, the ongoing use of tape leaves adhesive residues. Such residues can harbor various microorganisms and often become a source leading to surgical site infections.
We know, infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. As a result, infectious diseases can therefore harbor on the adhesive residue left on the reusable patient positioners. The residue left on patient positioners is very difficult to remove once present and continues to build up over time. Adhesive tape residue can also be fixated on the surgical bed where the tape is applied to secure the patient to the OR Table and “in position” for surgery. If just one surgical site infection occurs, it can cost anywhere between $18,000 – $32,000. In addition, I feel the use of surgical tape in securing the patient during surgery does not provide adequate security for the patient. The tape can easily become insecure, potentially making the patient a fall risk or the patient can fall “out of position”.
As a Pathologist, I support the use of the Patient Positioner Drape for all Lateral Decubitus
Surgical Procedures. This drape not only has three imbedded hook and loop straps for adequate security for the patient, but it also provides over 95% surface coverage on the patient positioner. It also comes with a Draw Sheet to further aid in positioning the patient. With this drape, there is almost no contact between the patient skin and the positioner, reducing the risk of skin breakdown, and eliminating the use of tape. The result, a very low risk for bacteria and surgical site infections.
I, Dr. Tadros, write this letter of support for the Patient Positioner Drape as a practicing Pathologist. My interest is to inform the facilities and users there is an alternative way. These findings are my own opinions and are supported by pathology, including my studies in Surgical Site and Hospital Acquired Infections.

Dr. Michael Tadros

Laboratory Medical Director; Chief of Pathology Department; Diplomat, American Board of AP/CP and Cytopathology

Test Results

Bean Bag Positioner Device Test Results

We would like to create our B2 Skin Liner Drape to be the standard of practice when draping the bean bag positioner due to its ability to provide a high quality of coverage on the positioner and with the secure strap provide an added security to the patient safety and eliminate the use of any adhesive tape that can potentially harbor microbial and infectious materials

Tests were performed on numerous Bean Bag Positioners with samples obtained from different bean bag positioners from various facilities. These tests were performed to determine and to illustrate the Total Aerobic Plate Count and Total Mold/Yeast Plate Count. The graph below shows some of the test sample results performed by Gibraltar Laboratories.

Our B2 Skin Liner drape kit was engineered to provide the highest level of protection and barrier for the patient while laying on the bean bag for hours and to extend the life and usage of the positioning device. We have created the proper cover for the bean bag positioner that can provide comfort and added security by using the secure strap.

The B2 Skin Liner is used to cover the bean bag positioning device, providing a barrier and security to the patient during surgery. The Bean Bag Positioner is used commonly in Orthopedic Surgery but not limited to OB/GYN Surgery, Urology Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery.

Details for: APC and MPC Results on Swabs

Slash # Sample Description APC MPC
001 Swab 1 < 10+ <10+
002 Swab 2 < 10+ < 10+
Slash # Sample Description Lot # Hypase Mycelia Color
001 Isolate #1 Swab 3 Septate Vegetative White
002 Isolate #2 Swab 4 Septate Vegetative White to Brown

Microbial Identification Results on Bacterial Isolates

Slash # Identification Gram Stain Additional
001 Bacillus Cereus / Thuringiensis Mycoides GPB Swab 1. Original GBL#442601/3
002 Bacillus Cereus / Thuringiensis Mycoides GPB Swab 1. Original GBL#442601/9
003 Kytococcus Sedentarius / Microccocus Lylae GPC Swab 1. Original GBL#442601/12


NA – Not applicable / + – Growth
MPC – Mold/Yeast Plate Counts cfu/swab
GPC – Gram Positive Cocci

cfu – Colony Forming Unit
GPB – Gram Positive Bacillus

APC – Aerobic Plate Counts cfu/swab
GNR – Gram Negative Rod

[Unit Measure: swab]

Currently, most bean bag positioners used during a case are only covered using linen sheets, and in time will look like the image below. In a short amount of time, the bean bag will start collecting adhesive residue that can harbor bacterial growth, yeast, or mold.

Our B2 Skin Liner Drape provides added protection and security to the patient, in addition to prolonging the life on the bean bag positioning device.

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