Introducing our innovative EXTREMITY DRAPE with X-SHIELD to help increase efficiency during surgery.


Our X-SHIELD EXTREMITY DRAPE is designed to improve your surgical outcomes. It’s innovative configuration eliminate the needs for additional supplies during x-ray imaging. By integrating our patent pending X-SHIELD design with the extremity drape, we’ve developed an All-In-One lower extremity draping system.

Incorporating our X-SHIELD with the extremity drape dismiss any opening on the sides and bottom of the drape when the c-arm is introduce into the surgical field. The X-SHIELD is bonded strongly with the SMS material cancelling the use of clamps to secure it. Built-in counterweights insures the bottom of the drape from raising and preventing it from entering the sterile field.

This animation video will illustrate how to use the EXTREMITY DRAPE with X-SHIELD and highlights all the main features of the drape and its innovative design.

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